Marty Frost – Executive Director

Marty Frost

Since moving to BC from the Maritimes, Marty’s work life has been devoted almost entirely to the development and management of cooperatives and not-for-profit enterprises.  Having spent 17 years as a member of his worker co-op, the last 10 as general manager, Marty started his own consulting business, Human Ventures, as a platform for focussing more specifically on supporting the development and launch of such enterprises.  Since that time (1996) Marty has led or supported the creation and launch of over 260 co-operatives and not-for-profit businesses.  In addition to this, he continues to promote and participate as a trainer, advisor or director in a number of similar local and national level organizations.  Marty currently serves as the Executive Director of Aunt Leah’s Foundation, guiding its launch and early stage development.

Nancy Heimbecker – Fund Development & Project Manager

Nancy lived in Calgary, Alberta before moving to Vancouver to obtain her Psychology degree at the University of British Columbia and a Business diploma from BCIT. She worked as a Business Analyst for the Pulp and Paper industry for 15 years before transitioning into the Property Development business.  Nancy is passionate about supporting families in maintaining their well-being while facing homelessness