Laneway House

Aunt Leah’s Laneway Home Under Construction 

 Aunt Leah’s Foundation is very fortunate to be the first recipient of a construction grant from BC Housing to build a laneway home. The grant was awarded in 2018 and construction is underway with an expected completion date of August, 2019. This project will serve as a template for high-quality and affordable housing for the non-profit sector in the Province of British Columbia.

The laneway home is being built in the backyard of a Foundation property which is occupied by Aunt Leah’s Society to provide housing for young moms and their babies.

Project Highlights

  • One of the first Laneway Houses to be built in the City of New Westminster under its new Laneway and Carriage House Program.
  • It will support the mission of Aunt Leah’s Society and provide a home for youth aging out of care or young moms and their babies
  • House features a cost-effective 700 square foot 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom flexible one-storey design.
  • Energy efficiency will be achieved through the use of highly-efficient radiant floor heating, an integrated HRV system and high-quality construction.
  • High-quality building and landscape design will improve the adjacent streetscape and enhance the character of the neighbourhood.
  • Architectural Designer and Project Manager is Jay Barker, based on preliminary designs prepared by Bryn Davidson of Lanefab.
  •  Contractors are My Lane Home ( and P.D. Moore Homes (

Laneway construction, May 27 2019 Photo by Jay Barker

Floor Plan 2 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom Approx 700 sqft